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Houkulele is a growing, active bunch of players. Our membership welcomes players of any age or experience level.

If you live in the Houston, Texas area you are encouraged to join us even if you’ve yet to learn a single chord - we’re here to help one another grow as both players and enthusiasts. We strive to be welcoming, friendly and fun!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Galveston Mardi Gras 2017 - Update 3

Ladies and Gentlemen,

1) The long range weather forecast calls for mild temperatures and mostly fair skies on our parade date. It looks like a very nice evening for a stroll through beautiful Galveston!

2) Our group will be located in the Party Zone near the Kroger food tent, which is near the front of the parade

3) Krewe buses from the Moody Gardens Convention Center to the parade site will cycle between 2:45 and 4 pm

4) Muster at the parade route for bands and performing groups is 4:30 pm

5) Parade starts at 6:00 pm

6) Our truck and trailer will be pre-spotted along the parade route about 12:00 pm, Anyone that can come and help with putting on the delicate decorations would be most welcome.

7) Anyone that can come and help with pre-parade setup on Thursday afternoon or Friday should let us know when signing up or contact Dave Skodack on the Facebook group.

Looking for the music we'll be playing? Here you go!

See you Saturday!

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