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Houkulele is Houston’s ukulele club, a vibrant community of players of all ages and skill levels. We represent the culturally diverse Greater Houston Area and have fun encouraging each other to grow musically while connecting with the public through our shared love of the ukulele.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Amazing Grace - Chord Solo

Hello! Here are 3 files to help you get started with "Amazing Grace". Everything is written for gCEA tuning (sorry Baritone players - you can play the same shapes but it will be in C, not F).

The first page is a simple chord solo arrangement in F; staff of the melody and TAB of the chord solo. Melody note is always carried by the last string struck if you are playing down strums. This is a great version if you have never played a chord solo before. There are a few additional pages of scales and chord diagrams to show a little bit about how a chord solo works in the keys of F and C.

This is my original hand written transcription of the arrangement I played at the meetup. There are a few performance notes at the bottom of page 1. You can listen to Kimo perform it if you listen to the track on his recording, "Eminent Ukulele" ...iTunes has it. I worked out the transcription by listening to this. I have played it for Kimo and he says it sounds fine.

Kevin Carroll, the Austin-based uke teacher, was kind enough to enter my transcription in to GuitarPro. 

If you have any questions about this material, please contact me...or we can just talk at the next meetup.