Houkulele: Houston's Ukulele Club

Houkulele is Houston’s ukulele club, a vibrant community of players of all ages and skill levels. We represent the culturally diverse Greater Houston Area and have fun encouraging each other to grow musically while connecting with the public through our shared love of the ukulele.

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

100 Ukuleles for 100 Kids - Houston

Please join us Saturday, September 28th, from 1:30 to 3:30 PM, to raise money sponsoring the donation of a ukulele to hospitalized children across the nation and right here in Houston at Anderson Fair Listening Room! All proceeds from this event will go toward funding an ukulele, instruction book, and access to the Ukulele Kids' Club learner's app for each child.

In addition to good karma, you will get to experience the musical stylings of Houston's own Rom Ryan (www.moodafaruka.com), The Houkulele Strummers, snack, drink, and potentially win a hand-painted one-of-a-kind ukulele for your own family to enjoy!

The Ukulele Kids' Club (UKC) is a nonprofit organization that provides free instruments and supports music therapy for hospitalized children. The group partners with more than 200 hospitals in the U.S. and worldwide. Enjoy a fun and musical event for the whole family, with proceeds supporting the UKC to give hospitalized kids the gift of music for life.
  • $50 sponsors the cost of 1 ukulele for a hospitalized child
  • $30 sponsors 1/2 the cost of 1 ukulele for a hospitalized child
Make your donation to reserve your concert seat today at:

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