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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Galveston Mardi Gras 2015 - Latest Info

Here's the latest info from Dave:

All ya all,

I have had some conversations with Larry Thompson with the Krewe of Gambrinus.  Here are some of the plans and details of the Mardis Gras Parade you should be aware of.
  1. Parade is Saturday February 7, 2015, Galveston, TX
  2. Roaring 20’s is the theme.  Costumes appropriate to the period are desired.  Decoration of the truck/trailer to be conventional Mardis Gras colors as last year.
  3. Songs, chords, and YouTube play-along links have been posted on the site...please practice!
  4. There will be Gatorade and water in a cooler in the truck bed.  BYOB if you want something else.
  5. We will be placed in the Float section rather than the Marching Band Section
    • Truck/trailer to be assembled on Thursday afternoon-and Friday in West Isle on Galveston Island. (If you are available to help assemble on Thursday or Friday, let me know when you sign-up) Final decoration touches to be done after spotting in the parade lineup on Saturday.
    • Sound check on equipment on the Truck/trailer Friday evening
    • Truck/trailer to be at Avenue G and 44th at 9:00am on Saturday morning to be spotted in place and then proceed with the Floats under police escort to the Seawall Blvd.  (Should be in place by 11:00am, expect spot between 57th and 59th Streets)
    • Finish decorations on the Truck/trailer at the Seawall
  6. We are invited to PLAY and play in the  Krewe “Party Section” before the parade (we get fed) and can warm up on our pieces (not expected to perform a concert)
    • Participants  in the “Party Section” to be in place by 4:00pm
    • “Party Section” lasts from 4:15pm to 5:30pm
  7. Parade scheduled to start at 6:00pm The parade route runs along Seawall Boulevard, turns north on 25th Street and winds through the Historic Strand District in downtown Galveston. Parade duration is about two and one-half hours.
  8. Transport:  The Krewe of Gambrinus wants to help us this year.  They are going to put on a bus to take our participants back from the parade end to the Galveston Convention Center Parking Garage (parade start).
    • Parking at the Galveston Convention Center (5600 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551) is a two story parking garage located directly below the Convention Center with over 700 parking spaces. There are two entrances on 57th street and one entrance in the Hilton parking lot. The parking is complimentary and this is where all of the Krewe will be parking.
    • At the parade end we would load everyone onto the trailer and the truck and we are asked to follow the Floats to the Avenue G and 44th takeoff point where we would offload participants who would climb on the Krewe supplied bus to take them back to the cars at the Convention Center.  A partial takedown of the Truck/trailer decorations would be conducted to allow it to travel back to West Isle.
    • A potential hiccup might be if we have too many participants to all get on the Truck/trailer...we would have to anticipate this and make alternative arrangements so that some could go directly to the Band Bus parking area and leave from there like we did last year and that would mean we would still need the Trolley.  Will have to see how many plan to participate...
  9. Advise that you bring your ukulele but leave the case in your car.  There is limited space available in the Truck/trailer for transport these during the parade.
  10. There will be 12 seats on the trailer for those capable of plugging into the sound equipment.  There will be cords already on the trailer…..just being your instrument.
  11. There will be two SAG seats available on the trailer for people to rest.
  12. We will have the Houkulele Banner like last year to lead our group...some non playing volunteers to help carry that would be appreciated.
  13. The decorations for our unit are being reused from last year and replacements have been ordered to replace those damaged.
  14. 1000 instrument picks have been ordered with the Houkulele Logo on them to be used as handouts.
  15. Once the new sound equipment is put together there will be a preliminary sound check to be conducted at Fuller’s Vintage Guitar (date and time to be announced).  Those with plug-in instruments would be encouraged to attend.
  16. Planning to join us?  Then sign-up!
More as the time grows nearer...
- Dave Skodack

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